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Donations Made by the Society

Since 1894, the Society has made significant contributions for restoration work at sites such as Jamestown Island, Colonial Williamsburg and Stratford Hall.

In recent years, the Society has provided annual contributions for the preservation of Wilton House (a colonial plantation house in Richmond), to APVA-Jamestown Rediscovery for support of the archaeological work and related research at Jamestown Island, to the Virginia Historical Society to support lectures on colonial history, to Henricus Foundation to support education for young people at Henricus (a 17th- century restored settlement near Richmond) and to the Smithsonian Institution for its “Written in Bone” exhibit on forensic discoveries on early Chesapeake Bay colonial settlers.

Grants have also been made to the Rosewell Foundation and the James Monroe Memorial Foundation to assist with colonial-era education projects. In 2010 the Society also made grants to the Merchants Hope Foundation in Hopewell to assist in the restoration of Merchants Hope Church, the oldest Protestant Church in continuous use in the United States, and to the Brunswick County (VA) Historical Society to assist in its award-winning restoration work on Fort Christanna, one of the oldest colonial fort sites (established 1714) in Virginia.

In 2008-2009, the Society made contributions to the Virginia Genealogical Society to help underwrite and distribute a new book, published in 2009, about the Virginia frontier during the French & Indian War.