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Governors of the Virginia Society

Governors 1894-2014

*Joseph Bryan 1894-1908
*James Alston Cabell 1913-1929
*Alexander Gustavus Brown, Jr. 1929-1934
*Herbert Worth Jackson 1934-1937
*Clifton Meredeth Miller 1937-1940
*Charles Russell Robins 1940-1943
*Otis Manson Alfriend 1943-1944
*James Pleasants Massie 1944-1946
*Herbert Worth Jackson, Jr. 1946-1948
*Thomas Callendine Boushall 1948-1950
*Wyndham Bolling Blanton 1950-1952
*Walter Spencer Robertson 1952-1953
*Samuel Merrifield Bemiss 1953-1955
*James Harvie Wilkinson, Jr. 1955-1956
*Edwin Hyde 1956-1957
*Samuel Spencer Jackson 1957-1958
*Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr. 1958-1959
*Edwin Cox 1959-1960
*Joseph Linwood Antrim, Jr. 1960-1961
*Lewis Garland Chewning 1961-1962
*William Fraser Tompkins 1962-1965
*William Ryland Gardner 1965-1968
*Osmond Tower Jamerson 1968-1970
*John Clifford Miller, Jr. 1970-1972
*James White Rawles 1972-1974
*St. George Tucker Grinnan, Jr. 1974-1976
Catesby Brooke Jones, II 1976-1978
Cannon Hobson Goddin 1978-1980
*Herbert Worth Jackson, III 1980-1982
*Horace Hawes Harrison 1982-1984
Russell Cecil Scott 1984-1986
*Edwin Cox III 1986-1988
Burr Noland Carter, II 1988-1990
Allen Mead Ferguson 1990-1992
*John Bruce James, Jr. 1992-1994
Miles Cary, Jr. 1994-1996
*Cyrus Barnholt Nicholas, Jr. 1996-1998
Douglas Pendleton Rucker, Jr. 1998-2000
Roderick Dew Brown 2000-2002
John Bolling Williamson 2002-2004
*Robert Carter Brydon 2004-2006
Peter Edwin Broadbent, Jr. 2006-2008
*William Ramsey Richardson 2008-2010
Francis Claiborne Johnston, Jr. 2010-2012
Benjamin William Emerson 2012-2014
Henry Cannon Spalding, III 2014-2016
Lewis Taylor Cowardin 2016-2018
Charles Lewis Grant2018-